Pet Memory Stone River Rocks - Beautiful, Realistic and Detailed Pet Portrait Memorial Stones
hand painted Lion Jacket

I am pleased and very happy you have decided to visit and look through my beautiful memorial stones, pendants, Christmas bulbs, oil paintings and hand crafted urns. I have dedicated my days to creating and bringing you a special portrait of your lost pet or still living most cherished pet in these wonderful keepsake items and memorial stones. They make wonderful resting place markers in the garden or you may want to keep these most detailed works of art in your home in a special spot your pet may have rested.
Each river rock comes from the American River in Sacramento California where I live and I personally choose each rock for each portrait. The river is a magical place and I love walking along the shore and feel the healing energy of the water. I believe each stone holds eons of that healing energy as the water flowed over them, making soft and interesting forms and craters on their surface. You can choose to order from three sizes. 4 lb stones, 10 lb stones and 12-14 lb stones. They do vary and I try to find stones that have more of the surface inches to paint your portrait on. I have painted over 850 art pieces and have many happy customers from all over the world from Australia to Great Britain!
Hand painted crystal pendants are also a beautiful way to keep your pet close to you. These natural stone pendants are round or teardrop shaped and you can choose from such stones as, Black Onyx, Jaspers, Agates, Rose Quartz and Turquoise to name a few. I attach a silver bail for hanging.
Another item that is popular around Christmas is the hand painted Christmas tree bulb. They are made of durable plastic that will not break and these bulbs are big enough for me to paint a full pet portrait on and stand out beautifully on the tree or a free standing hanger for all year round enjoyment and memories. They will last a lifetime and make for family heirlooms and treasures to hand down to other family members who loved that special pet.
Hand crafted pet urns are made to order from oak, pine or maple and come with the name of your pet made with wooden letters on top and I hand paint a very detailed portrait on the side. Stained and varnished, these urns are not only a special and beautiful way to hold your pets ashes but make a remarkable art piece that will stand out in your home.
My portraits are painted with much care and love. As a huge animal lover I know exactly what that bond is as I have my own much loved pets that I consider my family now that my son is grown. I put my heart and soul into each one and take great pride in the likeness I have been able to capture in my art. I use my intuition to connect to your pet or family members soul and have been told by customers countless times how when they look into the eyes of my paintings they truly feel close again to their lost loves.
I also am able to paint people portraits of family and friends on the river rocks and urns. A portrait will hold their memory close in your heart and these are one of a kind art pieces that will also last a lifetime as memorials of people you cherish and hold dear.
Nothing has given me more joy than to know I can help heal a broken heart or just bring happiness to those that receive one of my paintings and I look forward to seeing your pets photo's and hearing the stories of their lives and what they meant to you. I can't think of a better way to use my skills as an intuitive artist.
If a stone is not to your liking or you want a larger painting, I have been an oil painter for over 30 years. I can paint a beautiful oil or acrylic painting in whatever size you wish. I also can draw portraits with prisma colored pencil or soft pastel chalks on high quality colored paper. Contact me to discuss price, size and how many you would like in your painting. Owners painted with their pets is a beautiful gift to give or share in your home.
Thank you for visiting and please let me assure you my best work is always given to each one of you. Please contact me for any questions or comments you may have concerning an order you may wish to make. I look forward to hearing from you!!
Donna Sterpe
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