Pet Memory Stone River Rocks - Beautiful, Realistic and Detailed Pet Portrait Memorial Stones

Have your pets painted at the Rainbow Bridge. A beautiful oil painting 
Depending on size and how many pets in your painting. I will discuss price and you can put a 50% deposit down to keep your spot on my waitlist. I have done 1, 2 or 10 pets like the one above. Prices range from $175-$500 or up to $1000 if you want to add more pets with yourself or other family members. These paintings will be a special memorial that will be in your family for many years to keep the love alive. Art heals and I always feel the most honored when I can paint what is in my heart.. and that is the love bond we share with our pets. 

4 Pound Stone & Worry Stones
4 lb stones are between 5-6 inches across and are nice for desks, shelves and special keepsakes. They are varnished for protection. They are $85.00 plus $14.20 USPO flat rate shipping anywhere in the USA Worry stones are the smallest stones i paint. They are only 3-3.5 inches and meant to hold or carry with you in purse or pocket.
10 Pound Stone
10 pound stones measure about 8-9 inches across and are the most popular. They are big enough to put outside for garden and resting place markers. They can also be placed inside in a special spot to keep the memory of your pet close to you and are wonderful thoughtful gifts for those that have lost their animal companions. They are varnished to protect them from the elements and keep the paint bright. They are $115.00 plus $14.20 USPO flat rate shipping anywhere in the USA
12-15 Pound Stone
12-15 pound stones are around 10-12 inches across. These are fantastic for resting place markers and are big enough to put more than one pet on them. For an additional cost I can put up to three pets on one large stone. They are varnished for protection from the outdoor elements and can also make for a wonderful indoor memorial for the home. Be sure to re-varnish if kept outside for long harsh winters or blazing summers. Shade is best or away from swimming pools. Use sealer acrylic spray varnish sold in art stores. spray every couple years for optimal protection :)
They are $145.00 for one pet, $185.00 for two or $225.00 for three pets and $285 for 4 pets on this one large stone. They are also $14.20 flat rate USPO shipping
People on River Rocks
 People are painted on the 14-15 lb stone and are $175 for 1 person and $275 for two. You can also put 1 person and 1 pet for $195.00
Crystal Pendants
Crystal pendants are a very special way to hold your pets' memory close. They may be worn over your heart for their special crystal healing abilities. Rose Quartz crystal is one of my favorite  healing stones and this heart shaped crystal is a lovely way to show off your pet, make thoughtful gifts or just have a remarkable, unique and beautiful necklace to wear.

Christmas Tree Bulbs

The Christmas tree bulb is very popular at Christmas time for gifts but can be ordered all through the year. It may even behoove you to order early before I get booked at that busy holiday time.
They are made of durable plastic so they will last a lifetime and not break if dropped. They measure about 4 inches across and I can fit a nice full portrait of your pet. I varnish them to protect from scratching and should hold the color for many a year of Christmas tree enjoyment; or place them on a free standing hanger to show off these art pieces. They make wonderful heirlooms to hand down to family members who also cherished the memory of the family pet.
They are $65.00 with a USPO flat rate of $3.00
Hand Crafted Wooden Urns with Portrait
Hand crafted urns are a beautiful way to hold your pets ashes or even your beloved family member. I work with a crafter to build each urn to order complete with name of pet or person on top and I paint a very detailed portrait on side with years of life above. I can also paint a special inscription where ever you wish or leave off the wooden letters of name on top. They are made to order so you can request size or if you would rather have the portrait on top. They measure 6hx6wx10l made of oak, pine or maple wood and are $245.00. This one is made of oak and has a light stain. I varnish over the painting to protect and give a finished shine. 
Oil paintings, Pastel/Colored Pencil Drawings and Acrylic paintings
Another way to memorialize a pet or just create a beautiful lifetime memory for gifts and display are my paintings and drawings. Oil paintings come in different sizes and prices and we can discuss a price and size that best fits your home and pocket book. A typical size and price is a 9x12 inch painting for $145.00. Two pets run a bit higher. Also you can get yourself painted with a pet for $250 on a 10x12 canvas.
Colored pencil drawings are drawn with prisma colored pencils on high quality colored paper of your own choosing to best show off your pet. I can also draw or paint family portraits or a combination of a family member with their cherished pet. These make fantastic gifts. Please contact me to discuss size and prices. Pastel drawing are soft chalks that give a warm, soft, realistic portrait. They run the same as the Prisma colored pencil in price. They are sprayed to protect the drawing and are best placed under glass.
Hand Painted Jeans and Jackets and Canvas Totes. Tattoos for your Blues
Some of my favorite paintings have been on denim jeans and jackets. They are painted with washable acrylic paint and can be washed and dried on delicate in the dryer or line dried. You may choose anything you can think of to have painted on your jeans. I also can paint portraits on canvas totes. I can buy the tote or you can send me a favorite canvas purse. Price ranges around $135 to $150 depending on detail.Pet portraits look great on these heavy duty totes.
Either send me the picture or let my ideas go wild as I create one of a kind wearable art that will be a unique statement and cause heads to turn. Contact me for prices. You send me your personal jeans and I send back ready to wear with my one of a kind creations!
Mini Acrylic/Oil Paintings
I also paint mini oil paintings for the price of $75.00, $95 for people. Paintings are 4x5 inche.
Palm Memory Stones
I also have a smaller version of the memory stones called palm stones. They are palm size stones with a small portrait of your pet. Easily able to carry around with you and at a very economical price of $75.00. Collect all your pets portraits on these little stones to hold close if needing to send healing vibes to sick or missed passed pets
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