Pet Memory Stone River Rocks - Beautiful, Realistic and Detailed Pet Portrait Memorial Stones
How To Order. 
Please fill out this order form if interested in one of my items. I will contact you by e-mail asap My wait-time as of 2/14/2019 is just 4-5 weeks!
thank you
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First decide on what size stone you would like or other item you are interested in ordering. If you need some help deciding you can contact me by filling out the above order form.  You can ask me any questions or concerns you may have if you are considering putting in an order later. You can directly order this form and i will contact you to confirm and send invoice from paypal.
I usually take full payment upfront but will work with you if that is too difficult for you to do. I have worked with many people and situations. As long as you work with me I will work with you.
Once I know exactly what you are ordering I then send out a paypal invoice to your personal e-mail. If you do not use paypal, the invoice will come with instructions on how to pay or set up paypal. I find this the safest and quickest way to get you in line.You may also send a check or money order if you do not want to send money over the internet.
This payment is nonrefundable. This is what holds your place in line and I know my workload times to tell others.  Small businesses need to hold to some policies to survive. Please understand this is to protect me and keep me in business. This also is to ensure you are a real customer and cannot just change your mind at an instant because you are tired of waiting. Working under this kind of duress has happened so I have implemented this policy.
Depending on my work load, wait times run from 4-5 weeks m ETA. Times are subject to change and may run longer depending on how many customers i have and how time consuming projects run. Like with life I cannot know exact dates ahead of time. But will ship if ordered for specific date  like Christmas if feasable and you say this when ordering.Once invoice is paid you have ordered and are now just waiting your turn. You can either send photo then or wait until your time is nearing. Either way you need to try to send me the best jpeg digital photo you have that is clear and shows your pet or family member's eyes and details. The better the photo the better the painting will be. I work with details so that the painting will appear as realistic and true to their likeness as possible. If you only have paper photos I have successfully worked from them also.
Mid way through the wait process you can e-mail me to check on wait time but I try to deter you from e-mailing me too often. I find too much pressure on me to finish only hurts my inspiration and painting.
I contact you when finished, or if it is a canvas painting I can send updates of progress for your input and direction antime you like. I can put an inscription on back of stones. Names of pets, years of life or a short meaningful phrase can be written on stones.
I look forward to hearing from you, hearing about your pets and creating beautiful memorials for you that will undoubtably keep your pets memory alive.
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